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Bill Klaers and Alan Wojciak have been partners in the aircraft maintenance and restoration business since 1990, forming WestPac Restorations in 1997. Prior to that Bill owned Klaers Aviation since 1982 and Alan worked for Fighter Rebuilders since 1980.

WestPac began operations in Rialto, California and than relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in May 2008.

The WestPac Restoration team is comprised of numerous highly skilled craftsmen with a total combined experience of over 250 years in aviation restoration and maintenance. This experience is on the following list of aircraft:

Aero Vedochody L-39
Aeronca L-3
Antonov AN-2
Beechcraft D-18, C-45, SNB, AT-11, T-34
Bell P-39, P-63
Blanik Glider L-23
Boeing PT-17, P26, 4E, B-17G
Bushmaster BU-2000
Cessna L-19, 01E
Chance Vought FG-1D, F4U-4, F2G, F4U1
Consolidated B-24
Convair 340\440
Curtiss P-40E/N, TP-40, P-36, P-40B
Douglas AD-4, AD-5, AD-6, A1H, SBD-5, A-20, A-26, DC-3, A-4, C-47, B-26
Fairchild PT-19
Fouga Magister
General Motors TBM-3, FM2
Goodyear F-2G, FG1D
Grumman F4F/FM-2, F6F, F8F-2, F7F-3, TBM-3, G-58, HU-16, G111, G-21, J2F
Hawker Sea Fury
Hispano HA-1112
Kellet YG-1B Autogyro
Lockheed P-38F/J/L, PV2, , T-33, 12, P-38G, P-80
Martin B-26, M-404
McDonald Douglas A-4, F4D, F4E, L-29
Mig 15
Mistubishi A6M5
Morane-Saulnier Paris Jet
Naval Aircraft Factory N3N
North American Aviation AT-6, SNJ, NA-50, T-28, P-51A/D/TF, B-25, F-86, B-25J, TB25N, A-36
Percival Jet Provost
Piper L-4
Republic / Seversky P-35/AT-12, P-47D, P-47N, P-47G, F-105
Ryan PT-22
Stinson L-5
Supermarine Spitfire MK-19, MK-14
Vultee BT-13
Yakolev YAK-11, YAK-18, YAK-52

Unlimited Racing Aircraft

F2G - Super Corsair
J.A. Mott Hawker Sea Fury "Super Chief"
Platinum Plus
Ridge Runner
Lady Jo
Dago Red
Mani Yak
Tipsy Too
Nuthin Special 
Race 47 P-51 Damn Yankee
Race 40 P-51 The Jacky C
Span Can

Recent Customers:

 Feenix Partners

  • P-38 F White 33
  • P-38 J Lightning
  • F7F Tigercat 80375

Jim Tobul  

  • F4U-4 Corsair - N713JT

 Paul Allen - Flying Heritage Collection

  • P-51 Mustang UPUPA EPOPS - N723FH
  • P-47 Thunderbolt - N7159Z
  • P-38 Lightning - In Progress - N38LL

Jack Croul - Allied Fighters

  • P-51 Mustang - 7722C
  • P-38 Lightning - 7723C
  • P-51 Mustang -  5420V

Neal Melton - Tennessee Museum of Aviation

  • P-47 Thunderbolt -TBD
  • AD6 Skyraider - 665TC



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