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National Museum of World War II Aviation Opens to the Public on 27 Oct 2012

National Museum of World War II Aviation Grand Openning Dinner 13 Oct 2012


22 Oct 2011

Hosting Woodford Manufacting event.

10 Sept 2011

WestPac's B-25 and P-47 will be at the National Radial Engine Display, Akron CO

27-28 Aug 2011

WestPac's B-25 and P-47 were prominately displayed at  the Rocky Mountain Airshow.

Video of Alan piloting WestPac's P-47 to the airshow.


June 2011

Air Classics "Korean War Hero, Jim Tobul and WestPac Restoration create a magnificent F4U-4"


AOPA Pilot "A Son's memorial to his dad"

Warbird Digest "Rememberance and Resurrection: Joe Tobul and the F4U-4 Corsair, Korean War Hero"


4 Jun 2011

World War II veteran pilot Bill Beck flys in WestPac's B-25.

The crew who shared this memorable flight with Bill Beck.

Pilots of this historic flight

April 2011

Air Classics "Hellhawks! Honoring the 365th Fighter Group"


4 Apr 2011

WestPac starts F7F project BU NO 80375.

WestPac's crew starts disassembly of the F7F for restorations

Engine removal and fixturing

5 Mar 2011

WestPac's B-25 performs photo flight with Mike O'Leary, of Jim Tobul's F4U-4.

See Air Classics Article June 2011

21 Feb 2011

Jim Tobul first flight in his F4U-4 Corsair, N713JT.

Jim prepares for first flight.

The crew of WestPac after Jim's first successful flight

Bill Klaers, Alan Wojciak and Jim Tobul infront of N713JT

19 Jan 2011

Jim Tobul's F4U-4, N713JT, is certified by the FAA.

13 Jan 2011

Tobul F4U-4 1st engine run.



13 Jan 2011

WestPac's B-25, In The Mood, does fly by for Colonel Bill Bower in Boulder, CO.

Bill was the last surviving pilot of the Doolittle Raid on Tokoyo 18 April 1942.

8 Jan 2011

WestPac helps National Museum of World War II Aviation disassemble PT-19.

PT-19 being disassembled at the Meadow Lake Airport

PT-19 Reassembled at the WestPac Restorations Facility

PT-19 at it's new home at National Museum of World War II Aviation display hangar #2

7 Dec 2010

News media for Pearl Harbor Day.

Channel 5 Broadcast

15 Nov 2010

State Senator Bill Cadman and delegation visit National Museum of World War II Aviation and WestPac Restorations.

9 Nov 2010

Congressman Coffman vists National Musuem of World War II Aviation and WestPac Restorations.

Congressman Coffman in turret of Museum's Grummen TBM Avenger

The Congressman's father was a gunner in TBMs during World War II


10 Oct 2010

WestPac's hosted 49th Fighter Group Reunion.

WWII Veterans                          WWII Veterans and their wives


2 Oct 2010

WestPac's P-47 along with Neal Melton's "Hun Hunter" and John Shoffner's "Wicked Wabbit" performed fly by for the Airforce/Army football game half time show at the Airforce Academy.

Three P-47s perform an aerial display for the Colorado Springs airshow.


1 Oct 2010

Three P-47s do fly by for "Hell Hawks" commemoration at the Colorado Springs Airforce Academy.

"Hell Hawks" banquet held at the WestPac Restoration Facility.



The WestPac crew that helped put together the reunion.

30 Sept 2010

365th Fighter Group "The Hell Hawks" visits WestPac Restorations and the National Museum of World War II Aviation.

29 Sept 2010

Neal Melton and John Shoffner arrived in Colorado Springs

Three P-47s restored by WestPac Restorations reunited in the WestPac hangar in Colorado.

18 Sept 2010

B-25 on display at the LaJunta Airfair

An aspiring group of fighter pilots in training at the LaJunta Airfair.

11 Sept 2010

WestPac's B-25 and P-47 was on display for the "National Radial Engine Exhibit" held in Akron Colorado.




WestPac's B-25, In the    Mood, drops a load of bombs on the enemy during the pyro portion of the airshow






11 Sept 2010

WestPac's B-25, P-47 and TBM will be on display for the "Morgan Adams Concours D'Elegance Charity Event" at the Centinnenal Airport in Denver.

7 Sept 2010

Senator Bennett visits WestPac and National Museum of World War II Aviation

Senator Bennett address audiance on political issues

Senator Bennett with P-47 DF in the background


August 2010

Air Classics "World's Best P-47 - We fly with FHC's Thunderbolt"

20 Aug 2010

WestPac's B-25 and P-47  was on display for the "Morgan Adams Concours D'Elegance Charity Event" at the Centinnenal Airport in Denver.

WestPac's B-25 won the "People's Choice Award"

5 June 2010

WestPac's B-25 and P-47 were on display for "Colorado Aviation Day" at Colorado Springs Airport at the old west side terminal.

21 May 2010

WestPac's B-25 was on display at the Guardian Challenge, Peterson AFB, CO

Guardian Challenge

19 May 2010

WestPac's B-25 and P-47 were on display for NORAD and USNORTHCOM's change of command and General Gene Renuart's retirement, Peterson AFB, CO


May 2010

"Warbirds International" debuts article on WestPac "Defining the Future of Warbird Restoration"



Warbird International Article Warbird International Article Warbird International Article Warbird International Article Warbird International Article

April 2010

"Air Classics" preview article on WestPac's move to Colorado Springs.

Air Classics Air Classics

Jan 2010

WestPac receives F4U-4 from Jim Tobul for restoration. This aircraft is scheduled for completion in December 2010.

Dec 2009

WestPac receives P-38 F, White 33,  from Feenix Partners for complete restoration

Dec 2009

WestPac completes work and ships P-51, N5420V to California for final assembly, certification and test flying

24 Sept 2009

WestPac's P-47 is background to the Mass swearing in ceremony for new recruits at Perterson AFB

Mass Swearing in ceremony

31 Aug 2009

Neal Melton flew his AD6 to its new home at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, Knoxville, Tennessee

29 Aug 2009

WestPac Restorations and Neal Melton perform fly over's at the Red, White & Brave Parade to welcome home the returning veterans in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Skyraider veteran fly by View from nose of B-25 Veteran fly bys P-47 Veteran fly bys

22 Aug 2009

WestPac Restorations displays their B-25 (In the Mood) and P-47 Thunderbolt at the Morgan Adams Concours D'Elegance Charity dedicated to pediatric cancer research. Thanks to Jennifer for the pictures.


B-25 Crew Picture Joe Thibodeau's P-51 Mustang at the charity event Alan piloting the P-47 to the event

WestPac'sP-47 wins the "Peer's Choice Award"

14 July 2009

Neal Melton completes first flight in his AD6 and Randy Scott was reunited  with a ride from his past.

AD6 Neal Melton and Randy Scott


24 -25 June 2009

Bill and Alan flew the remaining required test flight hours for certification of the aircraft with the FAA.  Thanks to Angelica, our office manager,  for her first time aerial photography shooting this outstanding picture from our B-25.

Skyraider air to air

Air To Air Video of Alan flying Neal Melton's Skyraider.

Video from WestPac's B-25 "In the Mood", take by Angelica.

19 May 2009

Neal Meltons AD6 Skyraider flies AGAIN!

The aircraft first took to the sky's over the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) on May 19th under the controls of test pilot Dave Morss. Three flights were performed by Dave and his comment's before departing home were "That was the most uneventful test flight I've ever done." By the end of the third flight the list of squawks were

  1. The number 2 radio quit transmitting
  2. The fuel gauge needle stuck on the 2nd flight
  3. I don't like this style of seat.

The good news is we fixed the first two squawks sadly Neal wanted to keep the orginal seat in the plane so Dave was out of luck on that one.

13 Feb 2009

WestPac Restorations received the offical Certificate of Occupancy on our recently completed state of the art restoration facility located at the Colorado Springs Airport.

22-23 Oct 2008

WestPac Restorations hosts The National Museum of World War II Aviation preview dinner and open house.

Preview and open house Jim Stewart speaking that the dinner


6 Sept 2008

WestPac Restorations hosts the Reactivation of the 380th Squardon cermony. This was the first event hosted at the new WestPac facility.

380th Space Control Squadron




Propeller Shop


Metal Shop